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What we do

Invest in Healthcare Startups

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For Founders

From life-saving products to cutting-edge technology, healthcare innovation shouldn’t be capped by fundraising obstacles — but it is.

We help founders tell their story to more people, find the right investors, and partner for long-term success.

For Investors

Investors face their own challenges — from the need for crowdsourced feedback to expert vetting and streamlined funding opportunities.

At RedCrow, we connect the wisdom of the crowd with the needs of market by finding highly-qualified companies that resonate with a broad audience.

What Makes RedCrow Different?

We cultivate a rich community of investors, consumers, and advisors — people who know and care about healthcare innovation.

At RedCrow, we create an intentional ecosystem that reinvents and democratizes the way early-stage companies get funded. Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s breakthrough discoveries. We bring the stories of these breakthrough discoveries to our network of over 300,000, including our relationship with the AMA’s Physician Innovation Network, our partnership with the Innovation Institute, and with RedCrow members themselves.

The future of healthcare innovation is community-focused and results driven. It harnesses the power of story and the wisdom of the crowd. And it provides support at each stage of growth — not just the fundraise.

RedCrow is making it happen. Now you can too.

Join the Community
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Yes! You can join the RedCrow ecosystem for free at any time to interact with the companies on the platform and stay up to date on RedCrow news and investment opportunities. Note: There is a fee associated with listing your company on the platform. Visit the Submit Company page to learn more.
All visitors to the RedCrow platform can participate even if they are not raising money or investing. Companies can join the Discover platform to gain feedback and traction from the crowd on anything from marketing messaging to patient interest. All healthcare enthusiasts can take surveys and share and comment on company profiles without any obligation to make an investment. Crowd feedback is essential in supporting companies with future fundraises.
Yes, anyone can invest in companies on the RedCrow platform if they meet certain requirements including accredited investor status and anti money laundering rules. When RedCrow launches its Reg CF platform anyone will be able to invest in companies on RedCrow. If you would like to be notified of this, please join the platform.
Currently, RedCrow does not offer investment opportunities under the Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). RedCrow will be launching a Reg CF platform summer of 2022. Regulation Crowdfunding is an exemption from registration of securities laws that allows a company to raise capital from the public from both accredited and non-accredited investors.
Yes, all companies on the Explore Investments page have undergone a review of their science, scientic claims, and fundraise information. Note: Companies on the Discover Supernovas page have not undergone the RedCrow internal review process nor is it required.
Yes. Companies from any country can join both the Discover and Invest platforms. Non-U.S. companies can raise from accredited investors as long as they comply with the U.S. securities laws.
Yes. Investors from any country can invest in companies on the platform.

Going Beyond the Fundraise

As a part of Alira Heath, we're able to do more than help you raise capital. We understand that funding is only one of the many hurdles companies face. At RedCrow, we’re committed to supporting your business beyond the fundraise in ways that really matter.

Research & Clinical
Development Solutions

  • HospitalClinical
  • StampRegulatory
  • FingerprintBiometrics
  • BoxProduct Development


  • GrowthMarket Access
  • MedicalPatient Engagement
  • HospitalManagement Consulting

Patient Centric
Real World Evidence

  • DataReal World Data
  • DocumentReal World Evidence Studies


  • CloudTech-Enabled Solutions
  • MicrochipPatient-centric Technologies


  • SellM&A Sell-Side
  • BasketM&A Buy-Side
  • LicenseBusiness Development & Licensing
  • ChiselCarve-Out

Today's Idea. Tomorrow's Breakthrough.



Preview emerging companies before their offering is listed on our investment platform.



Get to know the members of the RedCrow community, hear their stories, and find opportunities to invest.

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Interested in feedback and investment from industry experts, potential investors and customers?


Want to learn more about investing in Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF)? Access our investor educational material here.

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